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The Health Information Exchange (HIE) as defined by CMS - “As a nation, CMS is transforming the provision of health services into a patient-centered and value-based system. To be able to deliver information or request information from the HIE, whether the state, or a private one, you must use a trusted network for sending and receiving protected information. Under the new laws this network is defined as "Qualified Health Information Network" and it defines who belongs to this trusted network.


Being interoperable minimizes your connection costs for sending and receiving protected information. SecureHIT is the integral and interoperable solution that will allow your business to manage a single API to send and receive.


Contact us and ask us how, we will gladly assist you.​


HIE Benefits

  • Provides a method for improving quality and safety of patient care by reducing medication and medical errors.

  • Helps in the workflow for Patient Transition of Care

  • Send and receive Admissions and Discharge files in real-time.


  • Gives privacy to users

  • Protection against data from theft.

  • Protects  from being hacked

  • An accredited secure communication method without consuming your IT Staff in the configuration. 

  •  Keeps you up to date on new standards and regulations in order to maintain security.

  • SecureHIT has implemented the highest security parameters.


These are some benefits that this background technology can offer you.

  • Direct Messaging without intermediaries.

  • Send and receive for more than 300 EHRs in Puerto Rico and the United States.

  • Be part of the DirectTrust Directory.

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